Be Fashionably Different 

Be Fashionably Different 

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.          

Rachel Zoe 

Fashion is all around us and in everything we do, in our choices, about what we gonna wear everyday, to the office, to an occasion etc. but be uniquely different , let your style speak for you, let it describe who you are. Though different Trends come along, still you combine this new trend with your style and be unique, make a statement !   

picture source – IG – @ bibah_malik

What we choose to wear impact what we feel about ourselves, be happy with who you are and how any outfit makes you feel. 

Own your personal style and be confident about it. Not everyone will like and accept your style but be confident! Your style is who you are. Let it speak for you. 
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Don’t change yourself to fit in the fashion, change the fashion to fit in you. (Penelopeseraphina)

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