Hey guys 


So will be featuring a very good friend,  we have bin friends for some years, had So much fun , so much memories to reflect on, also learnt So much.



His fashion sense inspires  me,  and the way he strives to keep on doing What he loves, to also achieve his dreams, keeps me moving towards my dreams. He’s a goal getter,  ready to do anything to get What he wants.

If he isn’t walking down the runway,  He’s definitely at the gym,  well,  That’s his best place. Like he says;

 Keeping fit is the key.

Well , for a model, nicely said.


With an amazing fashion sense and a killer body,He’s ready to rock and slay designers outfit, be it on the runway,   the streets, anywhere!   He slays every outfit from street styles, urban outfits, traditional,  corporate…


He’s definitely one to watch out for...

Instagram – Dozie_official


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